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Teresa Fortunato

Teresa Fortunato, RN-BC, CSA
Board Certified Gerontological Nurse 
Certified Senior Advisor®

Chesapeake Senior Living Advisor

Chesapeake Senior Living Advisor of Annapolis, Maryland, specializes in finding the right home for you based on your preferences and your care needs. I'm Teresa Fortunato, and I have been in nursing in Anne Arundel County since 2007. Throughout my career, I have always had a passion for providing the best care for my patients and I saw the increasing need of advocacy for our seniors. I met many seniors and their families who needed to look into alternative living environments, so they could receive the assistance they wanted and needed, but they didn’t know where to start. This is why I started Chesapeake Senior Living Advisor.

I was on a mission to learn everything that I could. I visited every facility in Anne Arundel County that I had heard good things about, and then I expanded out to include most of the other communities. When I toured them, I looked at every detail and asked every question I could think of regarding their specialties, the care they could and also could not provide, as well as any violation history. I felt it was equally important to understand the amenities, services, and activities available, and also noted the overall look and feel because this is sometimes what can determine if a community feels like home.

Selecting the right senior living community is a complex and personal choice – and I am committed to helping you with this important decision. No more random lists of communities. I will personally review your requirements, taking into consideration your lifestyle, preferences, health and budget, and select the best options for you. I will be your personal guide and accompany you to the communities. I will ensure your questions are answered and I will ask the questions you may forget to ask. I provide this service free of charge.

We all need help from time to time. It would be my honor to help you find your new home.